Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice Management

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At Merkle Lawn Care Company, Inc. we have the experience and resources to handle commercial as well as residential winter weather needs. Our crew and large fleet of snow removal and de-icing trucks and equipment will work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and safety during the winter months.   

We offer complete snow services:

    • 24 Hour Emergency Service
    • Plowing
    • Hauling
    • Hand Shoveling
    • De-Icing and Ice Control

Our trained staff track winter storms around the clock to guarantee we are prepared and out before the storm hits. All of our drivers are equipped with phones and radios to allow us to be in constant contact and updating them on changing weather conditions or inform them of specific client needs and instructions. Detailed snow maintenance records are available to our commercial clients describing weather conditions, site conditions and services provided for any day or snow event.